Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bulb Planting Season 2013 #4 ~ LETS PLANT

I have now started to plant the bulbs I bought back in early September. This is my favorite gardening chore, because I love bulbs. My containers have been prepared by removing all but about 4 inches of soil, I added worm casting and watered well.


Plant your bulbs 2 to 3 inches deeper than directions. This way they will come up a bit later, and they will handle our wind better. I will also leave 2 inches at the top for watering.

I used 50 bulbs for each barrel, spacing evenly. It is pretty easy to find which way to put the bulb down. You may find that some of your bulbs have a bit of green emerging don't worry,that is fine and helps find the right side to put up.
It is always green side up when planting.

Once they are placed cover and if you have more worm casting or other nutrients add them to the top, water well. Other great nutrients are bone meal and any bulb fertilizer.

I have made it a habit to write down when and what I plant. This card will be in my garden binder. I will be planting more bulbs in a week or two. The weather will determine my next trip to my bulb planters.

Feel free to send me a note if you have any questions or comments.
Thanks for reading my post.

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